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Activities (Teresa A. d'Eça)
EFL/ESL Page (Teresa A. d'Eça)
How old...? (Q&A) (Isabel Henriques)
Likes and dislikes (Natércia)
Likes and dislikes (Isabel Monteiro)

Prepositional verbs (table) (Teresa Barbosa)

Prepositions (gap fill) (Fátima Borges)

Prepositions (gap fill)
Prepositions (gap fill)
Hot Potatoes
Daily Routine (gap fill) (Natércia and Sara)
He or She? (gap fill) (Lena)
Prepositions of place (gap fill) (Ana Paula)
Simple Present "to be" (gap fill) (Graça)
Verbs and prepositions (drop down) (Rita Pereira)
Who are we? (gap fill) (Anna Ritta and Lena)
Wiki1 (cloze) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Simple Past (m-choice) (Felizbela)
Verb "to like" (battleship) (Isabel H.)
WH Questions (matching) (Natércia)
Phrasal verbs with "off" (jigword) (Teresa Barbosa)
Simple Past (jigword) (Sara) 
Simple Past (concentration) (Sara)
A story (Q&A) (Sara)
Audio text (m-choice) (Isabel Henriques)
Free time activities (m-choice with audio)) (Sara)
My Family (gap fill) (Anna Ritta)
Playing with Music (gap fill) (Fernanda)
So Young (gap fill) (Isabel Henriques)
Speed of Sound (gap fill) (Teresa Barbosa)
The Alphabet (Quia: pop up) (Natércia)
Ugly + lyrics + exercise (HotPot: gap fill) (Rita Pereira)
We're going to win (with exercise) (a song about football and numbers) (Isabel Henriques)
Yesterday + exercise (with voice message) (Graça Ramos)
You're Beautiful (gap fill) (Isabel Monteiro)
Angelina Jolie (Anna Ritta)
James Blunt (Isabel Monteiro)
Madonna (Isabel Monteiro)
Magic (Fernanda)
People (Lena)
Hot Potatoes
Environmental facts (Teresa Barbosa)
Questions and Answers (pop-up) (Isabel H.)
The right choice (m-choice) (Graça)
Physical description (m-choice with images) (Fernanda)
Animals (matching, wordsearch, unscramble)
Farm Animals (concentration) (British Council) (link from IsabelH)
Fruit (concentration)
Eclipse Crossword
Automoveis (João Vaz)
The House (Isabel Henriques)
Hot Potatoes
Animals (xword) (Graça Ramos)
Colors (gap fill) (Ana Amélia)
Connect (pop up) (Graça)

Daily Routine: verbs (gap fill) (Natércia & Sara)

Days of the week (drop down) (Anna Ritta)

Fruits (m-choice) (Ana Amélia)

General vocabulary (pop up/matching) (Fátima)
Vocabulary (jigword, matching...) (Graça)

House (ordering words) (Ana Amélia)

Jobs (drop down) (Natércia)
Pets (xword) (Ana Amélia)
School Materials (m-choice) (Natércia)

School (xword) (Sara)

Sports (xword) (Anna Ritta)
Matching Game Maker
Classroom (matching) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Classroom (matching) (Ninehub.com: log in as "Guest") (Teresa A. d'Eça)

Environmental issues (drop down) (Teresa Barbosa)

Family (drop down) (Graça)

Actions (hangman) (Isabel Monteiro)
Animals (hangman) (Graça)
Animals (pop up with images and sound) (Graça)
Animals (m-choice with images) (Isabel Henriques)
Colors (ordering words) (Natércia)
Commands (hangman) (Anna Ritta)
Countries and Nationalities (matching, concentration...) (Sara)
Countries and Nationalities (word search) (Natércia)
Country or Nationality (gap fill) (Isabel H.)
Daily Routine (ordering events) (Sara)

Endangered species (pop-up with images) (Lena)

English-speaking countries (hangman) (Lena)

Family (matching) (Anna Ritta)
Farm animals (pop up with images and sound) (Ana Amélia)
Festivities (m-choice with images) (Natércia)
Food (hangman) (Fátima)
Food and Drinks (pop up) (Anna Ritta)
House (hangman) (Ana Paula)
Household gadgets (hangman) (Teresa Barbosa)

Jobs (hangman) (Sara)

Jobs (m-choice with listening) (Anna Ritta)

Jobs (hangman) (Graça)

Means of Transport (m-choice with images) (Anna Ritta)
Musical Instruments (pop up with images) (Sara)
Numbers (matching, concentration...) (Anna Ritta)
Objects (ordering words) (Ana Amélia)
Parts of the body (concentration) (Natércia)
Parts of the house (rags to riches) (Natércia)
Possessions (ordering words) (Anna Ritta)
School objects (hangman) (Isabel H.)
The Human Body (hangman) (Rita Pereira)
Weather (matching, concentration...) (Anna Ritta)
Wild Animals (hangman) (Natércia)
Adjectives: opposites (jigword) (Isabel H.)
Animals and babies (jigword) (Rita Pereira)
Classroom (jigword, matchword, wordsearch) (Anna Ritta)
Daily routine (jigword, speedword, matchword, wordsearch) (Fernanda)

General vocabulary (wordsearch, matchword, jigword, speedword, wordweb: the first 5 exercises on the page) (Isabel Monteiro)

Human body (matchword) (Ana Paula)

Months of the year (jigword, speedword, matchword, wordweb) (Natércia)
Time (jigword matchword, speedword, wordweb) (Teresa A. d'Eça)


Mais gasolina (preços de combustíveis actualizados)




Resources / Useful sites

English Speaking Countries (with a Google map showing the location of the countries) (Teresa Barbosa)
Farm Animals (Isabel Henriques)
Happy Birthday (Isabel Henriques)
Human body (Ana Paula)
Make a Story (Isabel Henriques)
Seasons and Weather (.ppt presentation) (Isabel Monteiro)
Shapes (Isabel Henriques)
Useful sites (gathered by Rita Pereira)
Where are you from? (Anna Ritta)
Wikijunior (non-fiction books for children)


Audacity (records and plays sound)
Easy Thumbnails (creates thumbnails/small images of a large image)
Eclipse crossword (creates crossword puzzles)
Handybits (voice mail)
Hot Potatoes (creates different types of exercises)
JClic (creates different types of exercises)
Matching Game Maker (to create exercises)
Memory Game Maker (to create exercises)
MWSnap (takes screenshots of images that are on the monitor or browser)
Photo Story (creates a slideshow based on photos)
ProProfs (creates exercises hosted in their site)
Quia (creates different types of exercises: 30-day free trial)
Spellmaster (creates different exercises with texy, images and sound)
Story Maker (creates a story)
TinyURL (creates a short URL to replace a long one)


Audacity (to create sound files) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Handybits (to record voice mail) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Hot Potatoes (to create exercises) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Hot Potatoes (Univ. of Victoria)
Matching Game Maker (to create exercises) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Memory Game Maker (to create exercises) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Quia (listening exercises) (Teresa A. d'Eça)
Quia Hangman (Ana Rita Carreira, Helena Saldanha, Natércia O'Donnell, Sara Viçoso)
Spellmaster (to create exercises) (Teresa A. d'Eça)



WebQuests (em português) (parece-me bom)



Call Me (Fernanda Reis)
Click Me (Isabel Monteiro)
Come and Enjoy (Isabel Henriques)
English4Ever (Helena Saldanha)
English is Fun 11Dpro (Fátima Borges)
Fun For Us (Anna Ritta Carreira)
Hands-On English (Rita Pereira)
Keep in Touch (Natércia O'Donnell)
Oh God (Felizbela Serrão)
Okay English (Ana Paula Batalha)
Speak2Me (Sara Viçoso)
Think Wikis (info about wikis)
Travel in English (Teresa Barbosa)
Try and Learn (Graça Ramos)
Work for Fun (Ana Amélia Silva)



Call Me 2 (Fernanda Reis)

Click Me 2 (Isabel Monteiro)

Come and Enjoy 2 (Isabel Henriques)

Do you blog? (Rita Pereira)

English4children (Lena Saldanha)

English is Fun (Natércia O'Donnell)

Fun for Us (Anna Ritta Carreira)

Oh God! (Felizbela Serrão)

Okay English (Ana Paula Batalha)

Speak2me (Sara Viçoso)

Travel in English (Teresa Barbosa)

Try and Learn 2 (Graça Ramos)

Work for Fun 2 (Ana Amélia Silva)



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