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Spellmaster Tutorial


Spellmaster is used to create exercises with pairs of words. They can be synonyms, antonyms, words in two different languages, a word and its definition...


1. Create two folders in disk C: > Program Files, "Spellmaster" and "SpellmasterSound", for example.


2. Download both "Packs" separately at http://www.spellmaster.com/ . The first is for the text only exercises, the second is for the exercises with sound.



3. You should have five different files/pairs of exercises: jigword, matchword, speedword, wordsearch and wordweb in the Spellmaster folder.



4. You also have the "Words" file where you insert the content for you exercise. It looks like this.



5. The "jigword" exercise looks like this on the Web.



6. Before starting to work with Spellmaster, take a look at the "Readme" file.


7. Before creating an exercise, think of the content for it. Then open a subfolder in the Spellmaster folder with the name of the exercise - Family, House, Simple Past... - and copy all the files from the Spellmaster folder into it.


8. In your exercise subfolder, open the "words" file, delete all the data and insert your own.



a. The data is inserted in pairs that are separated by a comma with no spaces in between. (ex: went,go)


b. The data is inserted in reverse order of what will appear in the "jigword" exercises in the browser. On the left of the comma you insert what will appear in the browser on the right. And on the right of the comma you insert what will appear in the browser on the left.


c. There is no space before or after the comma.

ex1:     It's Rita.,What's your name?

ex2:      went,go

ex3:      Eight o'clock,8:00


9. Save your "words" file.


10. Spellmaster automatically creates the other four exercises. You have nothing else to do.


11. To preview each type of exercise, click on the .html file, the one with the blue Explorer "e". Then click on the top banner and choose "Allow Blocked Content" and "Yes".


12. To have it online and with a link for your students, you need to upload the files to a server. That's a computer that will allow you to both store and run your files through a link, a Web address.



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