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Memory Game Maker Tutorial



Memory Game Maker is a program used to create exercises with pairs of words or sentences in text, images or sound.


1. Download "Memory Game Maker" at


and save it in your MemoryGame folder.



2. Open Memory Game Maker by clicking on the Memory Game icon on your desktop (it is put there automatically during the download) or by double-clicking the "Memory Game Maker" Application file (in a red rectangle below) in the MatchingGame folder.





3. Choose "Make New Game" and click the "Next Step" button (bottom right). After this step you will find two buttons at the bottom right: Previous or Next. This means you can always go back and change something or carry on.





4. Give your game a name (ex: colors / time / schoolobjects) and write your name (the simpler, the better).





5. Select the number of pairs of data in your game.





6. Select a design for your game by clicking on the image you want. In the case below, I selected the "Castle".





7. Select the sound effects you want. Listen to them before choosing by selecting one at a time.





8. Type a complimentary message for your students to be shown before the game ends.





9. Select the type of information that will appear in your game




a. If you choose Text and Picture,



you will find a yellow folder icon to look for your picture, select it and click "Attach". The picture will appear at once. Repeat this procedure until you finish all your pairs.


b. If you choose Sound and Text, for example, you will find two options to insert the sound: record it directly in the program (the red mic icon) or upload a sound file that you have recorded in advance (yellow folder icon). This is the same procedure carried on in "Matching Game Maker".




10. Select Web page in "File Type". In "New folder name" use the same name you used in step 4 (ex: memgametut). In "Select a drive", choose C: and in "Select folder", select the "MemoryGame" folder. Then click the Save button.





11. A new window will show you exactly where you have saved your game. Check it and click "Yes".





12. Click "Play Game" in this mini window to preview your game check if it is working properly. When the new window opens, right click the top banner in the new window. Choose "Allow Blocked Content..." and "Yes". You're ready to play.





13. To have the game online and with a link for your students, you need to upload the folder and all its files to an Internet server (your school Moodle, for example) where you will store and run your files through a link, that is, a Web address.


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