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Hot Potatoes Tutorial


Create a "Hot Potatoes" folder in Program Files or Util
To download Hot Potatoes
1. Go to
and click "Hot Potatoes 6.2 Installer"
2. Click "Save" in the new window
3. Open the folder you created and click "Save"
To create an exercise
1. Go to your HotPot folder and open an exercise (JCloze, in this case)
2. Write the title in the new window
3. Write your text in the white screen
4. Select the word for the first gap and click the "Gap" button
5. Write a clue in the new window and alternative answers, if you so wish, and click OK
6. Repeat the procedure for the remaining gaps
7. When you have finished, click "File" > Create Web page > Web page for v6 browsers (v6 is the version I have)
8. Open the folder that you created in advance for this exercise (ex: HP-wiki), give your file a name (ex: wiki-cz) and click "Save"
9. Click the "View this exercise in my browser" button to preview your exercise
10. VIP: Click File > "Save As..." and give the same name as you gave in step 8 (This is the file you need to make changes in your exercise)
Inserting Enhancements
1. Click Options > Configure Output
2. Complete the "Title/Instructions" tab (= separador)
3. Go to the "Prompts/Feedback" tab and make changes, if necessary
4. In the "Buttons" tab deactivate the "Include Next Exercise" button
5. Click the "Appearance" tab and change font, font size and colors, if you so wish
6. You can set a time limit in the "Timer" tab
7. Go to the "Other" tab and make changes, if necessary
8. Leave the "Custom" and "CGI" tabs as they are
9. Click Ok
10. Click "File" > Create Web page > Web page for v6 browsers > Save
11. VIP: Click File > Save (to update the original version in your disk
To upload it to the wiki, you just need the .html file
See the end product!

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