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A versao 1.2.6 do Audacity tem problemas com o Windows Vista.

Existe a pagina abaixo para ajudar





Here is "how to" record voice and/or music with Audacity.

In advance:

  • Download Audacity (Audacity 1.2.6 installer .exe file, 2.1 MB)
  • Download the LAME MP3 encoder (libmp3lame-win-3.97.zip so that you can convert the audio files to .MP3)

               The "LAME MP3 encoder" is a ZIP file (compressed), so you have to unzip and save it in the Audacity folder

During the session:

     Open Audacity;
     When everything is ready to start, click the pink Record button and start recording;
     When the session comes to an end, click the yellow Stop button;
     Save your file

          Click File > Save Project (allows for editing)

          Click File > Export As MP3 (takes up much less disk space)
          Click OK in the "Edit the ID3 tags for the MP3 file" window.
After the session:
If you save the file as Project, you can edit/make changes to it: trim, silence, tone, amplify, echo... However, you will also need to save it as .mp3 to make it audible, because "the Audacity Project format is not currently compatible with any other audio programs" (Audacity Help).
The first time you Export As MP3, you need to indicate where the "Lame MP3" file is.









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